Costa Rica 2006 Day Six: Arenal Volcano

by Kara on October 25, 2006

Me at the Arenal Hanging Bridges. Costa Rica.

Me at the Arenal Hanging Bridges. Costa Rica.

After breakfast, we went on a hanging bridge tour through the forest. Happily, these bridges weren’t nearly as scary as the ones we went on in Peru in 2005. Again, we saw lots of birds, including a summer tanager, a chesnut-mandibled toucan, a wood creeper, a rufous-tailed jacamar, a broad-billed mot mot, a rufous mot mot, and a rufous-collared sparrow. We also saw a South American whip-tailed lizard, leaf cutting ants, a green tree anole and a tarantula. The array of plant life was pretty amazing too (but I will spare you that list).

In the late afternoon, we headed to the Hidalgo Family Hot Springs. We hung out in the pleasantly warm waters for quite some time and chatted with another family from the U.S. (from Wisconsin, I think). After that, we ate at the Hot Springs’ restaurant, which was delicious.

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