Bhutan 2009 Day Eleven – Paro to Bangkok

by Kara on October 9, 2009

Boarding area of the Paro airport, Paro, Bhutan

I woke up at about 5:00 am to the sound of rain falling, and I wanted to cry. If we can’t get out of Paro today, we’ll have to deal with changing our hotel, changing our United Flights, notifying our car service picking us up at SFO and letting the dog sitter know we’ll need her a little longer. Not to mention that they continue to charge you the daily rate per person as long as you are in Bhutan.

We took our time getting ready for breakfast and went to the dining room at 8:00 am. The couple we met from London came in shortly after us and we had a lovely chat with them. They are very well traveled so we had a great time talking about all the places we have visited. They said they had an excellent time in Galapagos and didn’t have any problem with seasickness, which gave me great hope that I can manage it. That is my dream trip, but Stephen insists we take a trip specifically for photographers and those are all on boats for the whole trip.

Pema and Ugyen picked us up for lunch at 1:00 pm and we went to a great little restaurant. We arrived at the airport way early, but that turned out to be fine because they have free internet access and we can finally get online again. I saw that a friend posted on Facebook that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and I thought it was a joke. I pulled up CNN and found out that it was true. I about fell out of my chair, but it was a really nice surprise.

We just watched our plane land and I expect we’ll be boarding in a half hour or so. I know it’s our plane because Druk Air only has two planes and the other one took off for Nepal about an hour ago.

Our trip to Bhutan was wonderful, but it is always nice to go home. I’m logging off for now, but I will have more details and photos when I get home (and get some sleep). We’re in for some long plane rides. Hope the movies are good.

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