DK Travel: Create Your Own Travel Guides. Very Cool.

by Kara on June 5, 2010

I love Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Travel Guides. The full color pictures are wonderful for deciding where we want to go (not so great on the details once we get there). Any time we travel, we check to see if there is a DK guide for our destination. I wanted to take a look at the most recent Eyewitness Travel books available so I did a search for DK and came across this other DK site, DK Travel. The site allows you to compile a bunch of information about your destination, then organize it into your own personalized travel guide as a printable pdf. You can even add attractions to the site if something you want to include isn’t there, and you can peruse other folks’ guides as well.

I wanted to try it out, but wasn’t ready to actually create one for a trip, so I selected a place I have already visited – Hong Kong. To create a guide, you just browse all the different attraction, lodging, dining and other information, then click “Add details to your guide” any time you find something you like. Once you have added everything you want, you can edit the information by changing the order and organizing it into chapters. Then you add a title and your own image to the cover, and click the button to create your guide. The site will provide a pdf, which you can then print out. You can also publish your guide to the website for other travelers to peruse.

My Hong Kong guide was very hastily thrown together. I didn’t really bother to organize much or put things in the right chapters, but I was still extremely impressed. For instance, if I selected Stanley as one of my attractions, the guide automatically included the top 10 things to see on Stanley, as well as practical information about getting there. With a little organization, my guide would have been pretty awesome. I can see either organizing your guide by areas or by day, including your hotels and dining plans. Each area or day would have its own chapter.

For me, this wouldn’t replace published travel guides (whether they are actual books or digital guides), but I love the idea of having an outline for a trip, arranged the way I want it arranged. The guide will also be very lightweight and you could print a couple so you have a backup copy. The main drawback at the moment is that there are a limited number of destinations on the site. I am sure they will add more as time goes on, but I won’t be able to create a guide for our next destination – the pacific northwest. But if you travel a lot, I highly recommend checking to see if your next destination is available.

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