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by Kara on October 11, 2009

Since the launch of iTunes, I have permanently set my radio dial to NPR and turned to browsing the internet to find new music. My iPod is overflowing with tunes to listen to on long flights (not to mention episodes of This American Life – the best radio show ever). Here’s a small selection of favorites from my playlist, with an emphasis on music from around the world. These are in no particular order. Please comment and share your favorite songs.

1. United Kingdom: Afro Celt Sound SystemWhen You’re Falling
Members of the band hail from England, Ireland and Africa, and this song also features vocals and keyboard by Peter Gabriel. A really infectious song.

2. Algeria: Souad MassiWhy Is My Heart Sad?
One of the saddest songs I have ever heard, and I don’t even understand the lyrics. I listened to this song over and over again while reading a very sad book, Anil’s Ghost by Michael Ondaatje. Absolutely beautiful song.

3. Netherlands: AnoukLost
Another sad song, this one about lost love.

4. Norway: Bel CantoWaking Will
I originally heard this song in a finalist video from a World of Warcraft machinima contest, believe it or not. I am still not sure what the plot of the video was, but the song is lovely.

5. United States: The Bone PeopleBlackbird Has No Wings
The Bone People was my favorite local band in college. Led by Debra Marquart, a poet and English professor at Iowa State University, the band performed an interesting mix of jazz-poetry and r&b. They are not on iTunes unfortunately, and I have no idea if you can still buy their two cds. You can email Marquart at and find out.

6. Canada: Immaculate MachineJarhand
Immensely catchy song.

7. Italy: In-GridIn-Tango
In-grid had a huge hit with You Promised Me (Tu Es Foutu), but this French song is my favorite In-Grid tune.

8. Belgium: Natacha AtlasAmulet
Although Natacha Atlas is from Belgium, she sings in Arabic and her music is a fusion of Arabic and Northern African.

9. South Korea: The Wonder GirlsBad Boy
Although the Wonder Girls are now trying to conquer the U.S., I prefer their Korean songs. This is a fun song, my favorite off their Wonder Years album.

10. Israel: Yael NaïmNew Soul
Apple used this song in their ads for the MacBook Air, and it took off. Great song.

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robin October 13, 2009 at 9:41 am

thanks for the playlist. I love listening to new sounds…

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